IEF Summer Party 2016

Dear fellow students,

on friday the 24th of June our annually IEF Summer Party takes place

As usual it starts, under hopefully nice weather conditions, at 16 o’clock at the campus Alber-Einstein-Str. 2.

Till the late evening you can enjoy Live Music, chat with your fellow students or play Kubb. Sustenance will also be provided. 

Also the traditional tug war between the electrical engineers and the computational scientists will be held, because the challenge cup of our faculty needs an new home.

This year we need again support from our students to ensure the success of our Summer Party:

Would you like to bake a cake or make a salad in exchange for 5€? Can you imagine to support us by establish the party ground or to dismantle it?

In this case, please contact (We will reward you in return with Helper-Ribbons, which will give you access to free foods and drinks)

All additional informations you will get as always in our Facebook event:

We hope you come along and bring all your friends with you.

Your student councils for electrical engineering and computational science

University Elections – Recommendations

Hello Folks,

another year has gone and this summer we’re again electing people to represent us in academic committees. These committees are very important in order to carry the interest of students from our faculty (and of course the interests of all people at the university) through.

In order to simplify the election for you we would like to recommend the candidates from our faculty (so from the courses of study ET, ITTI, CSE) to you.On the blue ballot (faculty council, Fakultätsrat) running from our student council are:

Steinmetz, Tino and Pommerenke, Hermann

On the green ballot (student council of entire university, StuRa) running from our are student council are also:

Daza Parra, Laura Milena and Kumar, Sanjeev

On the yellow ballot (highest resolution passing council of university, Konzil) and white ballot (senate) we would also like to recommend voting for all candidates from our faculty IEF, but please note the maximum number of votes. There is no minimum number of votes required.You have to sign the “Merkblatt”, put the vote-papars in the smaller envelope and then the signed “Merkblatt” and the smaller envelope in the larger envelope.

The election post-box is in the Albert-Einstein-Straße 2 near Tina’s office beside Tina’s post-box.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.
Please seize your opportunity to vote for secure till Friday the 10th of June .

Best wishes,
Your student council for electrical engineering