Author name: Sven-Erik Kräusche

IEF Merch

Hello all,

We are sorry to inform you that it will take some time until your order will arrive. We are having difficulties getting all the information for ordering from the student council account. This is due to the fact that the financial department of the AStA is not occupied at the moment and this department is responsible for all questions regarding the account of the student council.
So we ask you for a little patience. We hope to be able to place the order within the next two weeks.
If there are any problems with the pickup in about a month, feel free to write to us and we will find a solution together.

Many Greetings,
Student Council Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Summerparty of the IEF

Dear students,

it is finally time to invite you to the upcoming summerevent of the student councils of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and teachering AWT!🎉

Where: On the inner courtyard Albert-Einstein-Straße 2
When: The event starts on the 30th of June at 4 p.m.

What can you expect: We will offer various drinks and food. There will be a band and other musical acts. We are also preparing some special activities for you.

The only things you need to bring is a good mood and the will to have a nice evening. We are glade to organize a summerevent together for the first time in years.

Many greetings,
Student Councils of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and teachering AWT

Barbecue with your Student Council

Dear students,

we as your student council organize a barbecue for you.
There will be beer, soft drinks and delicious food from the grill.
You can also play a game of Kupp or beer pong.

When: Thursday the 09.06. from 13.00 clock
Where: Inner courtyard, Albert-Einstein-Str. 2

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Student Council Electrical Engineering